Rafael Pena-Miller

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  • Rafael Peña-Miller
  • Assistant Professor
    Microbial Systems Biology
    Center for Genomic Sciences
    UNAM Morelos
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    Av. Universidad s/n.
    Col. Chamilpa. C.P. 62210
    Cuernavaca, Mor. México.
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    +52 (777) 313 4152
    +52 (777) 311 4660
    Red UNAM: 27686



My current research interests focus on using mathematical and experimental models to study microbial evolution. The aim of these models is to study metabolic and genetic processes at a single-cell level, with the purpose of understanding complex ecological and evolutionary processes.

I participate in several collaboratory and interdisciplinary research projects somewhere between mathematical and computational modelling and experimental microbial evolution. In general, the goal of these projects is to integrate detailed molecular and microbiological data obtained from laboratory experiments and clinical studies with mechanistic theoretical models of antibiotic resistance evolution.

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About Me

I was born in Mexico City around the corner from the stadium where arguably the best football team in the world plays. I studied an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at UNAM and then, after obtaining a PhD in Mathematics at Imperial College London, I moved to Devon where I enjoyed the quiet country life whilst working as a postdoc in the Beardmore Lab in Biosciences, University of Exeter. Then I did a postdoc in Zoology, University of Oxford working in R-GNOSIS, a large-scale European collaborative project, under the supervision of Ben Cooper, Craig MacLean and Angela McLean. Now I'm back in Mexico working as an Assistant Professor at the Center for Genomic Sciences, UNAM, where I'm in the process of setting up an interdisciplinary lab focusing on microbial evolutionary systems biology (drop me a line if you are interested in joining our lab).

Besides my current research projects I also enjoy juggling and scuba diving. I've been a Pumas and Fulham's season ticket holder. I like coding and designing websites.

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